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5 Instagram Engagement Tips for Writers

Instagram is a feature-rich, user-friendly social platform for showcasing your photos and videos. Known for its plethora of photo retouching tools and collage features, this medium is wildly popular among people 13-29 years old (hello, YA authors!), and people whose work and hobbies are more visually focused.


•300 million active users
•70 million posts per day
•60% of engagement is product-related
•#1 platform used by teenagers
•Average engagement up 416% in 2 years

How do you stand out among 300 million other users? It can be tricky for writers to optimize the visual features of Instagram. Here are some unique tips to encourage reader engagement and drive traffic to your site or blog:
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Do You Know How Valuable You Are?

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Live and learn, right?

Setting rates for your writing work can be an unsettling experience. You haggle with yourself, thinking, "What if I charge too much? Will they turn down my offer? What if I undercharge and wind up losing out?" Here's my personal example I have also seen shared by many other freelancers: My very first gig: Oh boy! I was so excited! I was going to be a real, true, honest-to-goodness professional writer! Oh what do I charge, what do I charge? So, just to get the job, I went against the advice of all the pros, Jennifer Mattern, Anne Wayman, Allena Tapia...and charged five dollars a pop for three blog posts a week. I figured I could churn out three blog posts in an hour easy, and then I'd be making fifteen dollars an hour!

I should have listened to those in the know

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